Fashion has always been pushed as a younger person’s game. Over the years it has been tailored to young women’s bodies with low body fat, perky body parts, and the naivety that comes with youth. But due in part to the rise of street style blogs and books over the past decade (and also perhaps because of that photo of Helen Mirren in a bikini), a new generation of women are becoming the fashion industry’s most inspiring icons.

Advanced Style, a street style blog by Ari Seth Cohen, captures men and women of a certain age in New York City. Their styles range from demure and dapper to over-the-top eccentric. (Feathery orange false eyelashes, anyone?) These vivacious risk-takers and unapologetic genteels have created a forward-thinking and unrestrained clothing community, perhaps the most inspiring in street style culture.

(via girlsgetbusyzine)